Going with Your Gut: A Word on Twitter, Behance, and how I landed my perfect post-college Dream Job with Pencils of Promise


It’s been nearly 6 years since the beginning of Twitter. I always rued the day that I signed on board for another beast of social burden. It seemed obsolete. Just another way for people to post wholly dissatisfying life updates that no one really cares about. It seemed to attract the heralds of pointless Facebook statuses and overwhelmingly emotional AIM away messages. Emo. Self-serving. Not my ideal use of time.

To this day, I still don’t use Twitter nearly as much as the rest of the teenagers and socially isolated folks who keep their heads buried in their smart phones to send obligatory sports and/or political tweets. But I do use it. And I am thankful for signing up, as my timing happened to be rather fortuitous.

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If you are still looking for a hotel room, call Comfort Inn Gatineau (819) 243-6010, specify that you are joining the Heart Fest group to get special pricing (110$ instead of 180$) including free parking, breakfast with bacon, 2 double double beds, wireless internet, etc.

Si vous devez vous louer…


Int. Hotel room - Afternoon There in the living room portion of a hotel suite a small camera crew sets up two director chairs to face each other. They adjust a small lighting kit in preparation for an interview, and then draw the rooms blackout curtains shut. Cut to: The…


A little history about myself. Between 2002-2004, I used to work for a call center that supplies support for High Speed Internet access. During my employment there, Bell started using Usage Based Billing, and I know for a fact it wasn’t for “capacity issues.” It was to upsell customers.

I don’t…


The following interview was conducted via email with Asari Sobukwe, a well-known Pan-African socialist and organiser with the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party and AJAMU.

Given that relations between Libya and the west seemed to be getting better over the last decade or so, why do…


I found this here and thought it was so true i would re-post from a few years ago.

Well, normally, I book my flight and accommodation direct, but for a change, I thought I would give online travel agencies a try and see if I can could get a good late deal, for 7 nights in Kos, during October,…


Quentin Tarantino is currently making a film called Django Unchained. Why would this random fact be in this blog? It’s because they’re filming part of it in the area I’m in and the hotel I’m working at is housing the production company making it.

Every last room in our facility is booked for…


the grey cat in the traveling kitty’s videos has a blog now!


the grey cat in the traveling kitty’s videos has a blog now!


Business calc {Calculator HD for iPad}


Business calc app.


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So you say you’re ready to jump into the world of freelance gigging? Ok, great! Now, where to begin?! As a starting point, you of course will need to create some gigs, but what else can you do to help your business when you are just beginning?

A good place to start might be maintaining a blog.